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Double session for the cooks of the Camino de la Ría de Muros Noia in Barcelona.

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Thursday 21st October was a really intense day for a select group of chefs who travelled to Barcelona with the aim of promoting the gastronomy of the Muros Noia Estuary Way.

The day began at the Forum Gastronómico in the Catalan capital. There, at the stand of the Deputación de A Coruña, our chefs carried out a dynamic showcooking exhibition from 12.30 in the morning.

The public could enjoy the extraordinary cockles of the Ría de Muros Noia, the blue fish of Portosín, Richóns and delicacies of Porco Celta.

On this occasion we had the collaboration of the following chefs: Montse Santos from Casa do Tella e Rosalía de Portosín (Porto do Son), Pepe Senande from A Muradana (Muros), Manuel Abelleira, from Casa Abelleira de Bertamiráns (Ames) and Manuel Pérez Lois from Fogar do Selmo de Urdilde (Rois).

These products of the highest quality, treated with expert care, received a warm welcome from the public, making the Diputación’s stand an obligatory stop on Thursday morning. Also contributing to this was the presence in a particularly prominent place of an exhibitor for tastings of liqueurs from the estuary.

The Ría de Muros Noia liqueur display took pride of place.

Licores Berrimes’ traditional coffee liqueur was tasted, as well as herb liqueur and pomace cream; and Valle del Traba surprised with Valeria, an apple-based proposal that replaces the traditional vermouth, with a lighter and friendlier flavour.

The vice-president of the Deputación de A Coruña and responsible for tourism, Xosé Regueira, celebrated this proposal by placing our liqueur display in the centre of the stand.

Xosé Regueira helping to spread our products.

With no time to rest, our representatives immediately went to the Galician Centre of Barcelona, specifically to its restaurant Louro (there could not be a more appropriate place), an establishment run by Muradans.

The lounge of the Louro Restaurant at the Galician Centre in Barcelona was full of specialised press.

There, a meeting was organised with a selected group of journalists specialised in tourism and gastronomy. First of all, both the estuary and the Camino were presented to them, and our promotional videos were shown. Then the gastronomic products were presented, with a selection that left the best taste in their mouths. 

The brands Berberecho de Noia and Azul de Portosín were very present at the event.
Our chefs talked to us about their preparations and their impressions of the Camino Ría Muros Noia

Manuel Pérez Lois (Fogar do Selmo) began by serving an exquisite cut of Porco Celta ham.

Then Pepe Senande presented cockles, both natural and with a cold cream, recently developed and that will be included in the menu of his restaurant, this wonderful product was presented in Barcelona supported by the brand Berberecho de Noia. It was the turn of the blue fish from Portosín, Montse Santos’ plan was to show off the mackerel, in ceviche, and some xoubas on a seaweed bed.

Yolanda and Manuel Abelleira brought us the Richóns (pork rinds) that have made their establishment in Bertamiráns famous since the legendary Evangelina began to prepare them decades ago.

For the closing of the meat products, Manuel Pérez Lois returned with a tasting of Celtic pork.

And the event, which we can describe as a real party, ended with the dessert “Tortilla Romana” from Muros.

The gastronomic pilgrimage included screenings of promotional videos.

A very intense day, which will undoubtedly help us to promote the Camino Ría de Muros Noia, and in which once again the chefs deserved all our thanks. 

The team working side by side and with the utmost efficiency.
An excellent team!