Route of Vilacoba and San Xusto River (Lousame)

In the first stretch of the route, from Brandia to Soutorredondo, the Vilacoba flows docile and calm, a few hundred metres away we have the ruins of one of the paper mills that we are going to find along the route. When we reach the next village (O Castro) we have, a hundred metres along the left bank, the impressive ruins of the majestic Fontán paper mill. We visit the petroglyphs of Lesende (carved in the Bronze Age, in the second millennium BC). After resuming the path along the right bank of the river, at the height of this village there are some granite outcrops that the water has eroded, giving rise to a series of wells or pools. We reach the medieval bridge of La Gaiteira, which connected the village of Aguieira with the church of Lesende. When we reach the bridge of Vilacoba we turn off towards the Culou mountain from where we have excellent views of the Muros-Noia estuary. From there we descend towards the village of Toxosoutos to begin the route along the river San Xusto. From this village we have to go down to the church, and it is worth visiting the two waterfalls in the river upstream. We will also pass by the Pozo del Capitán (in Boña) where there is another impressive waterfall. The route continues along the canal that takes the water to the Maceiriñas paper mill and from there we cross the Béxeres mountain until we reach the Vilacoba river again.