Route of Castro de Baroña (Porto do Son)

One of the greatest treasures of Porto do Son is the Castro de Baroña, an Iron Age settlement dating from the change of era between the first century B.C. and the first century A.D., when the castro underwent a great development, both in terms of population and extension. Today, a complex defensive system can be clearly recognised, with a first line of moat and wall, followed by another that delimits the dwellings and that reaches a grandiose format. There is a large main entrance with a staircase leading up to it. Inside, there are three platforms with several dozen buildings. Most of these buildings are simple in plan, always circular in shape, and almost all of them are dwellings, although some of them look like small craftsman's work centres. The route follows the coastline from the entrance to the castro, passing the beaches of Arealonga and Dique, and then crosses the mountain to the villages of Tarrío and Penas. A path leads us to the complex formed by the parish church of San Pedro de Baroña, the rectory house and the hamlet of A Igrexa, with numerous hórreos (raised granaries) and a unique stone cross. Another path takes us back to the sea and back to the access road to the Baroña Hillfort. From the interpretation centre of the castro there is a detour from the route to the entrance of the castro, which crosses the route in the vicinity of the castro.