San Finx Mines Route (Lousame)

Revive la fiebre del wolfram

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This route runs through one of the municipalities with the greatest rural and forest identity of the Ría Muros - Noia; but this route will also bring us great surprises, as it will lead us to discover the important industrial heritage that is still preserved. We will walk through the San Mamede Park where the granite formations (granite boulders) will leave the visitor perplexed; we will observe the large forest masses that exist in the whole council, turning the paths into authentic passages in some of its sections; we will pass near the old Brandía Paper Mills, next to the San Xusto River, where the ruins of these old factories will take us back to a time of great work in this area and that nowadays give the whole area a mysterious atmosphere of great attraction.     When we reach the upper part of the route, the San Finx mines will appear, an obligatory stop, as the restoration of the settlement and its more than interesting museum will show us how the wolfram "prospectors" lived and worked. These mines were of great importance during the different wars, as wolfram and tin were of great importance in the arms industry. The German and English markets were the main consumers of these minerals, which were subject to enormous price fluctuations during wartime, which meant that, as with gold, there was a real "wolfram fever".    
Starting point coordinates:

42.224339, -8.710395

Arrival point coordinates:

42.7529663, -8.8218237


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