Monte Castelo and Monte Tremuzo Route (Outes)

Impresionantes vistas desde el fondo de la ría

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Yellow route: The first of the Outes routes, which is combined with the Noia route in the Tambre area, takes us to one of the steepest climbs on the set of signposted mountain bike routes. We are talking about Monte do Castelo from where we will be lucky enough to contemplate some of the most spectacular views of the estuary and the mouth of the Tambre. At the same time we will visit the area known as Pedra Serpal. We will move through different rural areas, such as Cuns, Os Casais, Buiste, to cross towards the area of Outes by fast paths that will lead to the River Tines Riverside Walk. Before, we will be able to visit different muiños in the area of Ponte do Ruso and then we will walk along the entertaining path of the Tines River until we reach Serra de Outes.



Green route: The second route, where we will also have a good climb to Monte Tremuzo, will delight us with the Ria de Noia and Muros along its entire route. From this mountain, the views are doubly recommendable as, being halfway towards Muros, we will be able to observe the beginning or mouth of the estuary towards Monte Louro and the end of the estuary towards Noia, with Monte San Lois and Iroite in front of us on the other side. Different architectural elements such as crosses, churches, etc. accompany us along the route. Finally, we will pass through O Freixo, the port of Outes, where the shipwrights continue to make and repair boats. The mills of the Aldán stream are a must and the Green Path that connects O Freixo with Outes will allow us to walk along the beaches of the place.



Starting point coordinates:

42.224339, -8.710395

Arrival point coordinates:

42.7529663, -8.8218237