Castro de Baroña and Monte Enxa Route (Porto do Son)

Desde un castro al borde del mar hasta las alturas

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From the chapel of "A Virxe do Carme" begins a route full of places of high visual content. It is a long route in kilometres, which will allow us to find scenery of great scenic and heritage value.

The first part of the route follows the coastline, visiting places such as Castro de Baroña, the "Santuario da Virxe do Carme" or the Xuño lagoons. This route is partly made up of a series of old paths that conserve all their natural beauty and allow us to immerse ourselves more fully in the coastal environment.


From the bird observatory at the "San Pedro de Muro" lagoon, we start to return to Porto do Son, this time following an inland route, gaining height until we reach the vicinity of Monte Enxa. This is the highest point on this route, which allows us to glimpse the Ria de Muros-Noia in all its magnitude and even stretch out further in the direction of the Barbanza border. From here, through a comfortable descent, we make the last stretch that still offers pleasant views such as Punta Agueira, where there was an old salting factory, or the viewpoint of Monte Cabeiro, from where we can see the end of our route.


Starting point coordinates:

42.224339, -8.710395

Arrival point coordinates:

42.7529663, -8.8218237