Route of Cova dos Gatos (Muros)

The Cova de Gatos trail runs between the two most representative rock art sites in the municipality of Muros, A Cova da Bruxa and A Laxe das Rodas. The Laxe das Rodas calendar is one of the most unique examples of Galician rock art. Two spirals can be seen rotating in opposite directions; some authors interpret it as a multi-annual calendar based on the cyclical movement of the sun and the lunar months. In A Cova da Bruxa we find a great variety of motifs engraved on the rocks, the earliest of which are estimated to be 4,000 years old. The route, as well as offering impressive views of our estuary, also shows us two complementary aspects of the daily life of a coastal town: the agricultural world, defined by the mountains, the fields and the sea. During the route we pass through villages that still preserve their traditional structure, such as Taxes, Ventín or Serres, where we will find an interesting collection of granaries. The route can be done on foot, but also by bicycle, on horseback and even with motor vehicles. It is a fairly flat route, with the only exception of the Serres section, which has a steep slope. It can therefore be said that this is a route recommended for all types of walkers, from children to adults.