Route of Albán – Monte Tremuzo (Outes)

With an approximate distance of 14 km, this route starts in Albán (Rates). We start by climbing the 253 wooden steps next to the five mills of the Albán stream, which originates in the Fonte do Toxo. They were built a few metres from each other to make the most of the force of the water caused by the unevenness of the terrain. Further on we will pass by the place of Albeida. From its top we can contemplate a beautiful panoramic view of the estuary, in an important area of shellfish and fishing production. In the months of December to January it is famous for the collection of pipións (a fish that comes to spawn in the sandbanks). From Albeida we go down to Requeixo, passing through the village of Bara. At Requeixo point we take the promenade that will take us along the coast to Broña beach, the largest in the municipality, where we can take a break in its green area. Continuing along the promenade we reach the recreational area and the small beach of Siavo, in O Freixo, the most important port of Outes, with a solid naval industry. Continuing along the route we pass by the beautiful parish church of San Xoán de Sabardes, in Baroque style (17th century), with one of the most beautiful altars in the area. Next to it is the current rectory, which was formerly a Benedictine monastery. We then continue the ascent to Mount Tremuzo (525 m. high). It is the highest in the municipality, and from its summit we can contemplate one of the most spectacular views of the estuary.