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Taberna da Pepa

A place where you can enjoy tapas or sandwiches, accompanied by a few wines, drinks or soft drinks. It has a terrace in the summer… Read More »Taberna da Pepa

O Furancho do Floro

An attractive traditional building houses a barbecue specialising in barbecued steak, steaks and cod. It has a terrace service.    

Tasca Típica

Typical tavern in a spectacular 14th century manor house. There is a bar service and also a daily set menu, tapas and raciones. Meals to… Read More »Tasca Típica

Taberna do Lelo

Located in an attractive and typical place, in Taberna do Lelo we can find traditional dishes prepared with an adequate elaboration and good taste. In… Read More »Taberna do Lelo

A Cantina da Lúa

This canteen offers sandwiches, mixed dishes, hamburgers, sandwiches and portions. Specialities include the Asexo pasties and the beef menu.

A Nosa Taberna

A traditional bar-cafeteria where you can enjoy tapas and portions. It has a terrace service.

O local de Marucho

In this tavern you can enjoy combination plates, salads, spanish omelettes, portions, sandwiches and burgers. En esta taberna podrás disfrutar de platos combinados, ensaladas, tortillas,… Read More »O local de Marucho