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Muros Noia, safe destination




The Ría de Muros Noia is facing a great challenge.


A demanding but achievable objective is possibly the best formula for achieving the desired results. To do so, it is necessary to be far-sighted. Perspective.

Let’s get down to business…

There is no doubt that nature has been especially generous with the Ría de Muros Noia. Our 5 municipalities are located around an estuary in which the beauty of the landscape is obvious.


Beautiful sandy beaches, meandering rivers, mythical mountains… everything we can expect from the best preserved estuary in Galicia is offered to us by “a Ría da Estrela”. The hand of man has also left an attractive legacy. The surprising castro of Baroña, the abandoned paper mills along the route of the rivers Vilacoba and San Xusto, the historical site of Noia, the maritime architecture of Muros or the medieval bridges can be good historical examples.

The final result is an enormous challenge. The combination of nature and the historical legacy of our ancestors gives us a treasure. It is our duty to strive to meet that challenge.


The chefs have already been able to live up to the extraordinary product of the estuary, promoting affection and good treatment in the preparation of these natural ingredients. On this occasion, the challenge has become more complicated and is twofold: to be worthy of this legacy and at the same time overcome the problems caused by the health crisis with flying colours.

And we have to say that we are succeeding.


We have set up an advisory and implementation service to ensure that all our hotel and catering industry and all the tourist companies that provide services in our territory adapt to the requirements of the Xunta de Galicia’s manuals.


They have been provided with digital menus and tariffs, they have been visited and the protocols have been explained in detail. We have placed special emphasis on the individualised adaptation of all measures to the reality of each specific establishment. In short: a lot of work has been done and continues to be done to ensure that our estuary is considered a safe destination.


To the legacy of the old days, we would like to add this new initiative. The collaboration of the companies has been exemplary. The Ría de Muros Noia works as a real team. We are pursuing a common goal and we will not cease in our efforts until we achieve it. We want to be a peninsular reference as a quiet tourist destination, perfect for those who want to escape from overcrowding. A serene destination. Beautiful. With extraordinary historical touches and a suggestive gastronomy. With a beautiful natural landscape and a no less beautiful human landscape.


And now we also want something more: a safe destination.

So that you will always want to return to this eternal land.