Mar de Noia Museum

Fotografías y aparejos antiguos, maquetas, mandíbulas de tiburón, mascarones de proa, motores, una biblioteca náutica, piezas y fósiles

Thanks to the work of a group of enthusiasts, dedicated for decades to collecting all kinds of elements related to the sea, Noia has one of the best museums of the marine environment in Galicia.

Photographs and old rigging, models, shark jaws, bow masks, marine engines designed and manufactured in Noia itself, a nautical library, parts and fossils… The huge amount of pieces has forced the construction of a new building capable of housing them. Located in the same space as the previous one, on the seafront of Cadarso, it will soon see the light of day.

The Mar de Noia Museum also develops an interesting cultural work, showing interest in traditional songs, poetry, narrative related to the sea or local place names. The inauguration of its giant nativity scene has also become a classic Christmas event in Noia. Neighbours of all ages take part in its activities, with a notable participation of children.

For all that this museum means for the Ría Muros Noia, we will communicate its reopening with the dedication it deserves.

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Malecón de Cadarso
Rúa Pescadería, 12
42°46’54.7″N 8°53’16.2″W


Fechas: Todo el año. Todos los meses previo aviso.
Horarios: Si la visita es de grupo o escolar ponerse en contacto en 645912621.
Duración: 1h.


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