Estivada Ecuestre

Paseos a caballo de distinta duración, disfrutando de los hermosos paisajes de la Ría de Muros Noia.

Estivada Ecuestre was founded in 2007 with the aim of promoting the love of nature and animals, but above all with a clear devotion to horses. Horse riding in the Serra de Outes is a pleasure for all the senses.

The Estivada Ecuestre Club offers the organization and realization of equestrian routes, initiation and riding lessons, pupilage and dressage of colts.

The equestrian routes pass through places of unequalled scenic beauty, along paths surrounded by unspoilt nature, through oak, pine and chestnut forests, crossing rivers and even taking walks along the beach and walking along the seashore. They last approximately one hour, although longer routes can be booked: even for several days with camping included. This service is available all year round.

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Estivada Ecuestre

Lugar de Esfarrapa 6,
San Ourente – Outes
42°51’55.3″N 8°53’45.0″W


Fechas: Todo el año.
Horarios: Todo el día.
Duración: Desde 1h hasta rutas de todo el día.


Rutas: 1h- 15 €/persona; 1h ½-20 €/persona; 2h-25 €/persona, 3h-35 €/persona (Mínimo 4 personas); 5h-50 €/persona (Mínimo 4 personas). Para rutas más largas consultar precio. Incluye casco, monitor, caballo y seguro. Edad mínima 4 años.