Cheiranubes Paragliding Club

Sobrevuela la Ría de Muros Noia con un parapente biplaza.

Mount Iroite, at an altitude of 680 m, is the starting point for an extraordinary view. This is where the take-off areas used by the Cheiranubes Club are located. This mountain has been selected as the most suitable for taking advantage of the prevailing wind currents in this area.

Cheiranubes offers a one hour experience, including lift and ride. The times are to be agreed with the client and the service is operational when the weather is favourable, during the months of April to September.

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Rafael Presa Tomé

Fechas: De Abril a Septiembre
Horarios: A convenir
Duración: Contando con el remonte y el viaje, sobre 1 hora


Precios: 70 € por cada vuelo en Parapente Biplaza.
Incluye remonte, despegue y material necesario.