Aventuras en Galicia

Paseos en Kayak de mar por la Ría de Muros Noia


The Sea Kayak Route in the Ría Muros e Noia takes place in coastal areas visiting traditional seafaring elements and geographical elements such as beaches, cliffs and sea caves.

River kayak route along the Tambre (mouth of the river in Noia). A route of great beauty, ideal for contemplating nature and enjoying the views.


Sailboat OCEANIS 473 BY BENETEAU CLYPER WITH 14,15 M, LENGTH AND 4,31 M, BREADTH. Sailing in the Ría Muros e Noia for 10 people and skipper. Sailing outside the Ría de Muros e Noia for 12 people (10 people + 2 skippers).

In the Santa Baia ravine, in Outes, we can enjoy the lush forest, pools and an exceptional landscape.
The Ribeiriño River canyon is a very powerful canyon, but without jumps, only with rappels of up to 30 m.

A real liberation! The Ceilán bridge over the Tambre river has a height of 35 metres and the jump is approximately 20 metres.


We can enjoy horseback rides of varying lengths, the routes pass through places of unparalleled scenic beauty, crossing paths surrounded by unspoilt nature, through forests of oak and chestnut trees, crossing rivers and even taking walks along the beach and riding along the seashore.

It is advisable to wear comfortable clothes and footwear. Long trousers are recommended.

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Aventuras en Galicia, Kayak

Rúa Xelmirez, 21.
15704 Santiago.


Fechas: Verano y periodos vacacionales.
Horarios: Invierno (octubre-junio): 10.30 a 15.30 h. Verano (julio-septiembre): 10.00 a 15.00h.
Otros horarios consultar.
Duración: Media jornada, 3 a 4 horas


35 €. Incluye seguro de Responsabilidad Civil, material necesario y monitor.