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One hundred thousand enchanted princes

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Stories that confuse us. We are in Paradise, but here the leading role is not taken by a twisted snake, but by frogs, just like in the old tales of enchanted princes.

In equatorial rainforests the presence of toucans is an indicator of the health of an ecosystem.  On our land it is the frogs, a far more sensitive animal than we might imagine, that become a yardstick for measuring pollution. The greater the presence of these amphibians, the purer the environment.

On our visit to the San Pedro de Muro Lagoons (Porto do Son) we expected to find a spectacular natural environment, but we did not expect such a large number of little “enchanted princes”. At every step, dozens of little frogs in bright green colours jumped into the water in an orderly fashion, like in the choreography of “Mermaid School”.

Walking through this territory is a pleasure in all senses. You can tell that the Rial stream is also at ease here, because it seems to refuse to pour its waters into the sea. It meanders in complicated meanders, playing hard to get, until it creates a surprising kilometre-long channel that runs parallel to the coast. It is an idyllic setting, which occasionally receives the push of the sea, changing the salinity of the waters and revolutionising the lives of all those who live there.

These whimsical shapes give rise to a variety of bathing areas. Bathers, who always seem to be in short supply in the vastness of the scenery, can always choose the most suitable orientation for sunbathing. The atmosphere is relaxing to the max, nothing seems to disturb the place.

The hikers also seem happy. Well-marked paths lead us through soft vegetation with a variety of ornithological species that have led to the construction of observatories. Grey herons and ducks of all kinds are common in these latitudes.

Here you will breathe like in few other places. The proximity of the lapping sea is joined by the scent of the vegetation so that every breath of air becomes an injection of health.

As we are sorry to leave the lagoons, we have decided to finish with something very special. We are going to go to a nearby place where we can find one of the most characteristic elements of the Ría de Muros Noia: the Xuño bridge over the river Sieira. Do not expect a grandiose bridge in the style of Pontenafonso. It is a small medieval bridge with a single arch, barely 6 metres long.

If you climb it, it will seem sturdy and indestructible, not in vain it is approaching a thousand years old, but from the outside it gives the impression of being fragile and unstable… these things have the point of view, as Ortega would say.

We say goodbye to the beautiful Xuño bridge, an image you will never forget, imagining that it is actually the skeleton of a bridge, or the fossilised spine of a dinosaur. A structure that remains standing by chance. The stuff of fairy tales of enchanted princes. The stuff of a fairytale land.