Noia Medieval Town

Viaja por el tiempo en la histórica villa de Noia

To travel back in time, there is nothing better than wandering aimlessly through the squares and streets of the historic town of Noia. Everywhere we will find the harmony of well-preserved medieval buildings: churches, narrow streets or arcades will make us instantly understand why the Noia Medieval Fair is such a successful celebration in this land: we could not find a better setting.

It is a must to stroll through it and enjoy it at leisure. Its historical and architectural richness, the structure of its streets, its bridges, squares and arcades will take us back to other times, to another era in which this fishing village was also the cradle of shoemakers.

Porticoes, rose windows, arches, capitals… An incredible wealth of Gothic architecture that we will find in buildings such as the 15th century Church of San Martiño,  O Tapal square or the 14th century Church of Santa María A Nova, built over a primitive Romanesque church from the 12th century, and today converted into the museum that houses the guild tombstones.

Next to the town hall it is the 16th century Convent of San Francisco, which blends Gothic and Renaissance styles.

In the historic centre of what was described as the best Galician ogival town, we can enjoy its terraces, its squares and the tapas and good food of its inns, many of which are located under the arcades of noble houses that conserve details such as small windows or faces engraved in the stone.

A beautiful place to enjoy its gastronomy, we cannot fail to try the corn pie with small sardines and cockles, for some the best in Galicia and which is the origin of the celebration of the Fiesta de la Empanada, one of the longest-running gastronomic festivals in Galicia.

During holiday periods, thanks to the collaboration between the Noia Town Council and the Noia Histórica organisation, visitors can access some very interesting guided tours: Telephone. +34 981821 598. E-mail:

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