Port of O Freixo

Uno de los grandes centros del marisqueo de Galicia

Its shore is often a hive of people who get up very early in the morning to extract the famous cockles of this estuary, although there is also room for excellent clams and even oysters.

The cockle is the undisputed king of the Ría de Muros Noia, its quantity, quality and size make it an authentic gastronomic jewel, which brings with it a notable economic profitability.

To get to know this activity in depth, the Council of Outes has organised “Vivir o marisqueo” (see experiences section), the perfect way to get closer to the extraction of molluscs… and end up enjoying their flavours.

In addition to the fishing boats and the fish market, in the port of O Freixo you will find a good number of restaurants and inns where you can taste a product that has been obtained only a few hundred metres away, so that its initial quality is reaffirmed by its unquestionable freshness.

On its jetty you will also be able to see some traditional boats, such as the Joaquín Vieta sloop, a classic image of the estuary; but it still has other attractions in store, such as the Francisco Rama “Fufú” Nautical Activities Centre (see experiences) and its neighbour: a traditional fishery that has fallen into disuse, but which still perfectly preserves its image.

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