Beaches and coastal paths in Porto do Son

Porto do Son: más de 20 playas en 25 kilómetros de costa

Porto do Son is the favourite in the “Galician municipality with the largest number of beaches” competition. It is undoubtedly the most northerly of the Galician municipalities that can focus their summer tourism on sandy beaches. As you would expect, quality comes from quantity, and in Porto do Son you can find exactly the type of beach that meets your desires: 20 white sandy beaches on just over 25 kilometres of coastline, allowing you to choose between those located in an urban setting or those that remain in unspoilt surroundings; with calm waters and natural pools perfect for swimming, or with moderate waves and more windy conditions ideal for surfing or windsurfing; paradisiacal and warm beaches, with jetties to sit on, let the time pass and watch the sunset, with the shape of an inlet to enjoy long walks along the shore or with a rocky landscape to watch the waves break; for an afternoon, for a day or to stay because some of these sandy beaches of Porto do Son have camping sites, picnic areas or barbecues, boardwalks…

Take note: Aguieira, Area Longa-Baroña, Areas Longas-Basoña, Arnela, As Seiras-Queiruga, As Vellas do Pozo, Caveiro, Coira, Fonforrón, Gafa, Herbas Pitas, O Son-O Cruceiro, Ornanda-Gaviotas, Pozo, Pozo pequeña, Recaveira, Río Maior-O Dique, Río Sieira, Seráns, Suigrexas, Telleira and Xuño.

As we are also talking about a municipality that has shown a great love for hiking, in recent times new stretches of coastal path have been enabled so that walkers can explore the various sandy areas without compromising their integrity by walking along the vicinity of the AC-550. Wooden footbridges facilitate this task so that we can all enjoy an exceptional landscape, in which Monte Louro, the everlasting guardian of the estuary, stands out right in front of us.


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