Reflejo del carácter pescador y marisquero

The eminent fishing and seafood character of our estuary is something we can easily feel as soon as we get there. From the sea comes not only wealth, it also represents a cultural and patrimonial sign that marks almost all aspects of the social life of our towns.

From this close relationship with the sea, we can benefit as tourists: enjoying in our restaurants and inns of high quality products that will delight us. But we can still get a little closer to this reality: we can get to know the fish markets. Enjoy their hustle and bustle, discover the way these people who get up so early in the morning work, get to know the products… and even buy them.

In our estuary we have fish markets in Testal (Noia), in O Freixo (Outes), in the port of Muros and in those of Porto do Son and Portosín.

Each with its own characteristics and peculiarities, but all with a special flavour.

It is also very suggestive to stroll around the food markets. There you will find, in addition to a wide selection of seafood, a good selection of local products. A stroll among colours and smells that will attract our attention.

We have a good sample of markets or marketplaces in Noia, Muros (an extraordinary building, which is worth a visit just for its architecture) and Porto do Son.

Take a stroll through our markets and markets, you will see how you will not be able to resist taking a little bit of us with you.

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