Tambre Hydroelectric Power Plant

El modernismo y la naturaleza siempre de la mano

In 1924, the prestigious architect Antonio Palacios, the greatest exponent of modernism in Galicia, designed a building to house the installation of a hydroelectric power station. This surprising construction thus became part of a magnificent group of buildings located on the banks of the Tambre river, in a setting of great scenic beauty.

In the former Pesquería del Tambre, which used to be used as accommodation for the company’s employees, we now find a nature hotel, while the building known as “La casa de los Frailes” (the house of the Friars) is used for different events. As a curiosity, another building houses a lamprey museum.

A leafy forest of oak, laurel and willow trees encourages us to enjoy a magnificent area for picnics, as well as being a starting point for hiking routes. It has a striking suspension bridge from which we can contemplate old fisheries and a route over the Nimo meadow and the banks of the Tambre river also starts there.

The Tambre, which later recovers its impetus, appears in this area as a lake, contributing to create a romantic atmosphere typical of the beginning of the last century. The recreation area, next to the water, reminds us of the times of the Belle Époque, while we enjoy the lush vegetation.


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