Castro de Baroña

Un lugar único lleno de belleza y magia

We will end up suspecting that our ancestors always had a remarkable attraction for landscapes, otherwise we would not understand why they chose such beautiful places to build their settlements. The Baroña hillfort is no exception, quite the contrary. The spectacular location of this castro, on a high peninsula next to a large sandy area, makes it a unique place full of beauty and magic.

In addition to being one of the most spectacular and renowned sites in the Ría de Muros Noia, the extraordinary castro located in Porto do Son stands out for its uniqueness. This characteristic is due not only to the design of its construction but also to the fact that it is located on a small and abrupt peninsula joined to the land by a tiny sandy isthmus, which gradually turns into a beautiful half-moon beach.

Inhabited from the second Iron Age until well into the Roman period, its current appearance dates from the change of era (1st century BC to the 1st century AD). Its construction is characterised by a structure based on a complex defensive system, which was favoured by its peninsular layout.

Discovered in 1933 and declared a National Artistic Monument, it has a first line of moat and a wall followed by another wall that delimits the enclosures. There is a main entrance and three platforms, where more than thirty dwellings are grouped together, perfectly adapted to the irregularities of the terrain, with a simple ground plan and a circular or oval shape.

Some of these spaces were used for craft work, storage… and as befits a coastal settlement, remains of shells, spines, molluscs and shellfish were found accumulated in the area known as the “concheiro”.

It is impossible to overlook the beach at the foot of the castro: Area Longa. A sandy area to enjoy the calm waters and which in times gone by was a means of livelihood for the inhabitants of the place.

The Castro de Baroña is one of the most recognisable images in Galician tourism advertising campaigns. Beautiful at any time of day, at sunset it redoubles its charms, offering one of the best sunsets we will ever see.

Entrance to the castro is free and free of charge, and information panels provide information, but the Baroña Hillfort Interpretation Centre has been created to help visitors get to know the site. It is located in a unique 19th century building (former town hall) in the historic centre of the fishing village of Porto do Son. Through panels, models and original objects found in the excavations we can learn more about the life of the inhabitants of one of the most representative coastal forts of Galicia.

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