Maritime Way of the Ría de Muros Noia

Una forma diferente de conseguir "la compostela"

Una ruta marítima de tres jornadas que nos acercará a la Ría de Muros Noia, para desde ahí llevarnos a Santiago y obtener la “Compostela”.

The historical documents that certify the existence of a pilgrimage route to Compostela from the Ria de Muros Noia, always have a seafaring component: The Second Crusade, whose fleet, made up of more than 200 ships, founded the Route of the Ria de Muros Noia; the “Portus Apostoli” or founding charter of the town of Noia in 1168 granted by King Ferdinand II; the 15th century trade route of the Venetian navigator Pietro Querini and the letter that Charles V wrote to the governor of Galicia demanding the release of 50 French pilgrims imprisoned in the port of Muros, are some very clear examples.

This has led us to a new proposal: the Camiño Marítimo de la Ría de Muros Noia, a new officially recognised route to obtain the Compostela.

The rules approved by the Cathedral Chapter of the Cathedral of Santiago indicate the following requirements:

Firstly to carry and stamp the Pilgrim’s Credential, a valid document for those who make the Way with a Christian sense, even if it is only in a searching attitude.

It is also necessary that the crossing be at least 90 nautical miles and that the credential be stamped at all the ports along the route. A requirement that is met by sailors from Northern Europe who arrive at the port of Muros or the Portosín Yacht Club, but which can also be reached from Baiona or Vigo by sailing along the Rías Baixas and stamping the credential in the ports along the route. Those who do not have a sailboat (or even experience) can also do it by signing up for the routes organised by the company Sailway.

To complete the Camino, we will have to walk at least the last 12km of the Camino de la Ría de Muros Noia, stamping the credential in the town of Bertamiráns and finally in the Pilgrim’s Office once we reach the city of the Apostle.

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