Xuño and San Pedro Lagoons

Extraordinaria simbiosis de belleza y ecología

These wetlands are one of the most surprising natural settings for visitors to our estuary. They can be found to the south of Porto do Son, next to the beaches of Basoñas and Areas Longas.

Their great environmental value makes them part of the Natura 2000 Network. The aim is to preserve a space in which we find a very peculiar vegetation, accompanied by a great variety of migratory birds. The wetlands are essential for the conservation of these birds, which need these rest areas during their long migrations. We usually find common teal, shoveler duck, gadwall… and almost permanently the presence of the grey heron.

The singularity of the space is given by a powerful barrier of dunes that protects the wetland from the possible action of the sea. The result is an enormous, very longitudinal space.

Recently, to collaborate with the knowledge of these lagoons, an interpretation centre has been built, which in the summer months opens its doors between 11.30 am and 1.30 pm. A circular route of about 10 kilometres is laid out around it, allowing us to fully enjoy a space that will remain fixed in our memory.

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