Tambre Estuary

El río Tambre se despide con elegancia

The Tambre river is the “father” of the estuary of Muros Noia, with its millennia of work it has decisively collaborated in the creation of the morphology of our estuary. It is a powerful and abundant river, but it is gentle and affectionate when it pours its waters into the sea, between Outes and Noia. This softness gives rise to the Tambre Estuary, a scenario that combines serene beauty with great ecological value, which has led it to form part of the Natura 2000 Network.

The most characteristic postcard of the estuary is in Pontenafonso. In the background, the mountains seem to form a perfect backdrop. The reed beds harmoniously weave their growth. The medieval bridge shows that, on occasions, the hand of man can be more of a success than a problem. Its 20 arches were necessary to accommodate a river that leaves with increasing width. The whole conveys an enormous sensation of serenity. Time seems to stand still. As the road is divided, few vehicles will deprive us of our abstraction, which will allow us to stroll comfortably over the bridge and stretch our eyes, contemplating all the plant and animal life that this estuary contains.

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