O Loureiro

O Loureiro is located in the parish of Obre, in Noia. It is a small active tourism complex, with an appreciable orientation towards families and which also admits the presence of pets.

It currently has three independent studios, of modern design and functional aesthetics, which stand out especially because in their construction they have used the wood from the old mussel rafts of the mussel banks of the estuary, which in addition to being an extraordinary example of reuse, gives them a very attractive rustic appearance.

The three studios were individually handcrafted, so each of them has a unique character with great personality.

Their names (Roncadoira, Filgueira and Baia) reflect the names of sea banks or neighbourhoods in the locality, further reinforcing their relationship with the territory.

And to make it easier for visitors to get involved with this land, O Loureiro offers a wide variety of activities, all of which have in common the primacy of contact with nature. Kayak routes, boat trips, hiking routes with or without guides, routes on electric bicycles… any of them is a perfect way to discover the extraordinary natural environment of the Muros Noia estuary.

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Lugar de obre, 7, 15213 Noia (A Coruña)