Cabanas do Barranco – Cabañitas del Bosque

The Cabañitas del Bosque are distributed in 5 different sets. The Os Apriscos land, with an area of one hectare, has 3 cabins (Cabana de Arturo, Cabana de Amalia and Cabana de Mucha). The Mourelos Estate has the Cabana de Carlos. The Cabanas do Barranco, located 1 km from A Serra de Outes and 3 km from the estuary of Muros and Noia, are 8 ecological lodgings located among the branches of the trees, which take their names from 8 of the most symbolic inlets of the estuary of Muros and Noia. The Cabanas de Broña are located on a plot of land next to the beach of Broña, there are 4 cabins, they are situated at different heights, elevated in relation to the ground and respecting the natural slope of the land. Finally, there are the Cabanas Sen Barreiras, a total of 6 cabins, which are located in the village of A Quintenla, in the interior of the Ría de Muros and Noia, specifically in A Serra de Outes, between the Costa da Morte, the Rías Baixas and Santiago de Compostela.



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Lugar Ousensede, 15237 Santo Ourente de Entíns (A Coruña)